There are a number of reasons that an individual may wish to become a lawful permanent resident to the United States, but to do so they must obtain a visa. There are several different types of visas that are available to foreign citizens that all vary depending on the situation, with some more likely to grant lawful permanent residence than others.

The best way to assure that you apply and get granted the best visa for your specific situation is to work with an immigration attorney. An immigration attorney will guarantee that you have all the information necessary to apply to the most relevant visa to your situation.

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Family Visas

If you want to become a lawful permanent resident in the United States there are several different types of visas that are available for you to apply for, depending on your situation. If you have a relative who is a citizen of the United States or is a lawful permanent resident, this relative must sponsor you and prove they have enough income or assets to support you. Below is a list of all the major immigrant visa categories:


  • IR1 or CR1 Visa | Immigrant Visa for a Spouse of a U.S. Citizen
  • K-3 | Spouse of a U.S. Citizen awaiting approval of an I-130 immigrant petition
  • K-1 | Fiance to marry U.S. Citizen and live in the U.S.
  • IR3, IR4, IH3, IH4 | Intercountry Adoption of Orphan Children by U.S. Citizens
  • IR2, CR2, IR5, F1, F3, F4 | Certain Family Members of U.S. Citizens
  • F2A, F2B | Certain Family Members of Lawful Permanent Residents

Victim Visas

Besides family visas there is another very special category of visa, the victims visas. These visas are provided by U.S. immigration law allowing victims of crimes to stay in or even come to the United States and testify or assist in law enforcement efforts. If you believe that you have been the victim of a crime, one of the following visas may be available to you:

  • VAWA Visa | Violence Against Women Act visa is a self-petition for abused spouses, certain parents, and children of U.S. citizens and permanent residents
  • U Visa | Victims of serious crimes
  • T Visa | Victims of human trafficking
  • S Visa | Visa for an Informant

Determining which of these victims visas matches your situation the closest can be extremely difficult, not to mention traumatizing. It is highly recommended that you work with an immigration attorney to not only prove that you have been a victim of one of these crimes, but to ensure that you gain the proper visa. These visas provide a direct path to permanent U.S. residence (or a green card).

*note* There is a cap to the number of U Visas that are distributed each year. The limit is 10,000.

Receive Help Obtaining A Visa

Whether you are looking to apply for a family visa, or you are a victim looking to apply for a victims visa, we can help you. There are still other types of visas available too, but they depend on specific situations. The best way to find out if you are eligible for any of these visas or another visa not on these lists, is to contact an immigration attorney.

We have a passion for helping foreign citizens gain access to this great country, that was after all, founded by immigrants.

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